• The Shop at Puttyworld

    We are excited to announce the opening of our flagship store, The Shop at Puttyworld! To celebrate we'll be hosting a grand opening celebration on Saturday, December 1, 2018, from 10AM - 1PM. The festivities will include photo opportunities with Crazy Aaron himself, free giveaways for the first 50 people that include limited-edition tins created especially for the event, chances to win free products and merchandise, and more. Once the doors open...

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  • Philalympics

    Philalympics | August 2017

    We had the amazing opportunity to participate in The 2017 Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House's Philalympics. It is a great charity that enables families to stay together and remain focused on the health and well-being of their child in need.

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  • CBS Sunday Morning

    CBS Sunday Morning | April 2017

    Here is one of three unlikely success stories from Susan Spencer: It’s no stretch to say that Aaron Muderick is stuck on putty.  “It feels great in your hand,” he said. “You can play with it for hours!” His first love was classic Silly Putty, but that soon got old. “I started researching, is there a way to make this more beautiful? More fun?” he told Spencer.  

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