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The most amazing mind-bending fidgets in the universe

Fidget fun for everyone! Each and every product is creatively designed, carefully tested, and expertly crafted to be of the very highest quality.

Hypnotic Beauty

Thinking Putty® and Land of Dough® pack a powerful sensory experience. Bright colors, calming scents, tactile exploration, and squishing noises are a few of the sensations these compounds contribute to fidget play.

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Discover over 100 varieties of Thinking Putty® with 30+ different effects and explore individually handcrafted Land of Dough®!

  • Creatively designed
  • Carefully tested
  • Highest quality

Crazy Aaron's

makes the impossible, possible

Crazy Aaron’s makes the impossible possible! Share your creations, discoveries, and Crazy Aaron’s collections with us using: #crazyaarons

Playing with

putty is good for you

Crazy Aaron’s works hard to manufacture your Thinking Putty® favorites year-round!

Tins made per day

Creating with

Dough is good for you

Crazy Aaron’s individually handcrafts each Land of Dough® product so your dough is always unique!

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exciting dough kits
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What’s the difference?

Different compounds provide different types of play! Thinking Putty, Land of Dough, and other compounds like slime or sensory sand all have unique qualities. Check out the chart to learn some crazy compound facts!

Thinking Putty

  • 'Handshake Friendly!‘ Feels great in your hands
  • Never dries out! Never!
  • Not sticky or gooey
  • Bounces, stretches, snaps and tears
  • More firm than slime
  • Flows like a liquid over time left outside its container
  • *Liquid Glass line has less stretch or bounce than all other putties

Slime Products

  • Leaves a wet feeling on your hands
  • Not quite liquid, not quite solid
  • Dries out in air
  • Can be sticky or tacky
  • Bounces, stretches, snaps and tears
  • Very soft and squishy
  • Can create giant bubbles to pop

Land of Dough

  • Soft, velvety feel
  • Dries in open air over a few hours, but can be rehydrated
  • Can be soft or firm
  • Can be squished, smooshed, and sculpted
  • Made from natural materials
  • Stays put and holds shape


Your Next Fidget

Crazy Aaron’s has a variety of products from
Thinking Putty® to Land of Dough® to discover!