• Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

    Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health | March 2018

    Since 2002, founder and CEO Aaron “Crazy Aaron” Muderick has been dedicated to supporting important charitable organizations – including nonprofit behavioral healthcare provider Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health – to employ and empower individuals with disabilities. Today, the manufacturer of Thinking Putty employs more than 800 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Recently, Muderick caught up with Devereux Senior Vice President of External Affairs Leah Yaw to talk putty, people and perspective.  

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  • Center for Executive Excellence

    Center for Executive Excellence | January 2018

    The Center for Executive Excellence sat down with founder and CEO of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Aaron Muderick, to learn more about his leadership style and how he's using these skills for the betterment of his community.

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  • Entrepreneur.com

    Entrepreneur.com | April 2013

    We sat down with Entrepreneur.com contributor, John Patrick Pullen, to talk about our inclusive hiring practices and how this process not only benefits our business, but our community. 

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