Free Crazy Aaron's Valentine's Day Card Printables

This Valentine's Day give the gift of laughter (and Thinking Putty) with 6 one-of-a-kind printable valentines! Inspired by 8-bit video game art, these cards pair perfectly with the MINI Valentine's Day Thinking Putty or any MINI Thinking Putty you know your friends will love. The instructions are so easy, and the results so undeniably good, it's hard to believe these cards are FREE.



MINI Valentine's Day Thinking Putty
  Download Crazy Aaron's Printable Valentines Cards
  Paper of your choice - We recommend card stock weight
  Tape or Hot glue
  Color Printer & Ink
Click & Download Crazy Aaron's Printable Valentine Cards



  Grab your MINI Valentine's Day Thinking Putty
  Print your FREE Crazy Aaron's Valentines download card
  Cut out your cards along the dotted line
 Place a tape ring or hot glue dot to the back of your MINI Thinking Putty tin 
  Press the tin (glue/tape side down) onto the circular space on paper valentine
  Fill in the To/From
  Get gifting!