Crazy Aaron has a new trick up his sleeve & he's teaching all of his friends! After years of trying to master a little magic, he discovered he could easily translate the old sleight of hand trick to include putty instead of a gold coin! Bonus, Thinking Putty is even easier to use because it's slightly tacky, allowing it to adhere to your skin for extra illusion powers.

Learn how to recreate this parlor trick for your next get together. Hint: It's all in the wrists.



 Your MINI Thinking Putty of choice
 Clean Hands & Pockets!



 Practice in a mirror! As the old adage says, practice makes perfect. We found we were more convincing after watching ourselves perform the trick a few times in the mirror
 Exaggerate your gesture; a little showmanship goes along way with magic tricks. A flick of the wrist will take your sleight from great to wow in no time



  Hold your MINI Thinking Putty tin upright with your thumb on top. Your other fingers can relax, they'll naturally make a sort of basket
  Place your other thumb behind the tin and begin to close that hand around it.  When your fingers cover the tin, loosen your grip and let it slide into your waiting fingers. Close the fist all the way. Now your audience thinks the tin is in the wrong hand
  Hold the MINI tin flat between your index finger and pinky so your hand can be relaxed as you let your hand drop to your side
Wave your closed hands around and tell a story; perhaps about the handsome wizard that showed you this magic trick. This will distract your audience and bring their attention to your upper body, giving you time for the next step
   As casually as you can, drop the tin into your pocket while your audience is distracted
  Open one hand to show your audience that the tin has vanished, and then show them both hands. Now, point to your pocket...
  Slowly, pull the tin out to the amazement of those watching