• PhillyVoice

    PhillyVoice | July 2017

    Open as of Saturday, Tildie's Toy Box is East Passyunk's latest retail offering. Michelle Gillen-Doobrajh and her husband, Paul, who live in the neighborhood, set up shop at 1829 East Passyunk Ave. after having more than a few rough go-rounds shopping for their two daughters on the web. Read More

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  • Chicago Tribune

    Chicago Tribune | April 2016

    Local toy store owners say this soft, bouncy, stretchy goo, which sells for $12 to $15 for a 3.2-ounce tin is flying off their shelves. That's because it's not only kids who are addicted to the putty — which comes in an array of colors and varieties that include magnetic and glow-in-the-dark — but their parents who can't stop touching the stuff.

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  • VAT19

    VAT19 | January 2016

    Crazy Aaron's Liquid Glass Thinking Putty makes a great desktop toy for those times when you don’t feel like working. But as the folks at VAT19 discovered, the putty also makes for a terrible substitute for water when it comes to bathing.

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  • Treehugger

    Treehugger | December 2015

    Toy stores are exciting places to visit, but it can be tough to find high quality toys that satisfy green and ethical standards. Since ‘eco-friendly toys’ is not a mainstream industry, it’s usually necessary to look online in order to find such manufacturers. Here is a list of ideas from cool companies that care about production methods. Some focus on domestic (North American) production, fair trade certification, and sustainable sourcing, so choose according to your priorities.

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