We make Thinking Putty® and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder and to educate and delight our customers all over the world.


A perfect fairytale! Take a magical joyride, on the most dazzling pony, as you make your ay up to the castle gates. Of course, your pony's mane is shimmering in colorful magic. Feel like royalty as you ride! 

Mysterious eyes peeking out of the darkness? Fear not. This monster's multitude of colorful eyes will shine through the magical glow to remind you: you are not alone! 

Rainbows make everything better! Certain transparent materials will bend various colors of light differently. White light is then broken up into a dazzling rainbow. With every twist, pull and stretch, uncover a sparkling band of colors in your very hands. 


Ring in the holidays with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! Find joy with Hide Inside! Present Surprise, spread cheer with Jingle or give the gift of a Snow Day to someone special. 

Learn how to make a magnifying glass, create shadow photos or do a putty puzzle! Explore our freebies, downloadables, activities and more created by Crazy Aaron and team. 


Did you know? We have dough! Check out our luxurious, handcrafted in the USA Land of Dough products.