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HOW TO: Make Thinking Putty Disappear

How To Make Thinking Putty Disappear



1. Hold your tin upright with your thumb on top. your other fingers can relax, they'll naturally make a sort of basket.

2. Place your other thumb behind the tin and begin to close that hand around it.  When your fingers cover the tin, loosen your grip and let it slide into your waiting fingers. Close the fist all the way. Now your audience thinks the tin is in the wrong hand. 

3. Hold the tin flat between your index finger and pinky so your hand can be relaxed as you let your hand drop to your side.  

4. Wave your hands around and tell a story, Perhaps about the handsome wizard that showed you this magic power. This will distract your audience and bring their attention to your upper body to give you time for your next step.

5. As casually as you can, drop the tin into your pocket. 

6. Open your hand to show the tin has vanished. and show both hands to the audience. then point to your pocket, and say you teleported it into there. 

7. Pull out your tin to your amazed audience

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