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FREEBIE - Quiz: What Thinking Putty are you?


Simply answer the questions below and be sure to keep a tally of which letters you select to think out your Thinking Putty personality! 


Question 1: If you were an animal which would you be? 

a. Loud and proud like a lion

b. Colorful and majestic like a peacock 

c. Unique like a jellyfish 

d. Sweet and cuddly like a puppy 


Question 2: What’s your go-to coffee order? 

a. A vanilla latte please 

b. Just a shot of espresso for me 

c. A fun and fruity iced tea lemonade 

d. A cozy chai latte 


Question 3: What best describes your life motto? 

aDon’t sweat the small stuff 

b. Make your own magic 

c. Anything is possible 

d. In a world where you can be anything, be kind 


Question 4: What is your dream vacation? 

a. If there’s a beach, I’m there 

b. A European trip featuring museums, baked goods, and tons of exploring 

c. A hiking retreat full of mountain views 

d. I’m more of a homebody 


Question 5: How would your friends describe you? 

a. Cheerful, fun, and always laughing 

b. A little mysterious, creative, and quiet 

c. Honest, unique, and always moving 

d. Sweet, always giving advice, and thoughtful 


Question 6: What are your favorite hobbies? 

a. Hanging out with friends and laughing with loved ones 

b. Reading or being creative 

c. Trying new things from meals to sports 

d. Baking or spending time with your pets 



Mostly A’s: Mixed Emotions - You’re the life of the party! People always come to you for advice. You love being silly and are a big believer in really feeling your feelings.  


Mostly B’s: Super Scarab - You have a mysterious side! You’re a big believer in all things magical. You don’t shy away from adventure.  


Mostly C’s: Liquid Glass - You like to keep it real. You’re one of a kind! You’re even a bit of a prankster.  


Mostly D’s: Scoopberry - You’re sweet, always the first to lend a hand, and you’re a big believer in the importance of kindness. 

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