Posted on by Leighnah Perkins


Find out your Thinking Putty personality by taking the quiz below! Which NEW Thinking Putty are you?!

Question 1: Time to order dinner! What are you craving?

  • Something fresh and fruity like a smoothie bowl
  • I’m skipping to dessert! Pass the sweets please
  • Sushi for me!
  • A burger would be great

  • Question 2: What have you been watching on TV?

  • Sitcoms! I like feel-good tv. 
  • My comfort show of choice
  • Anything reality tv!
  • I don’t watch much tv

  • Question 3: Where would you most like to live?

  • Somewhere close to nature like a peaceful cabin in the woods!
  • A cozy house in my hometown close to my friends and family
  • If there’s an ocean, I’m there!
  • A bustling city

  • Question 4: What’s your favorite scent?

  • I like comforting scents like lavender or sandalwood
  • Something warm and cozy like vanilla
  • Tropical scents like coconut or the smell of sunscreen
  • Fresh and clean like the scent of a freshly peeled orange!

  • Question 5: You have a completely free weekend! What are you doing?

  • Journaling, some yoga, and a trip to the coffee shop
  • Spending time with my family and catching up on sleep
  • Getting my friends together for pizza and a fun adventure
  • Trying something new! 

  • Answers:

    Mostly A’s: Horoscope - You’re introspective and self aware. You really identify with at least one part of your astrology birth chart. All of your friends come to you for advice!

    Mostly B’s: Honey Hive - You're known for being very sweet! You’re always willing to help and you’re the most loyal friend anyone could ask for. 

    Mostly C’s: Mermaid Tale - You’re not afraid to shine! You are the life of the party and love being by the ocean. 

    Mostly D’s: Magic Dragon - You’re a little fiery (in a good way!) You’re a bit of a chameleon and can fit in just about anywhere.