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FREEBIES: Putty Phone Wallpapers

Free Thinking Putty Digital Wallpapers

If you've ever wondered where you can go to get the coolest digital wallpaper for your device, you’ve found it!

We have often said that Thinking Putty® can be turned into works of art. That's exactly what we have done! Scroll through and find a wallpaper that best represents your love of art. Just click or tap on the picture to open the wallpaper, save it and bring new life to your home screen! 

Good As Gold Putty Digital Wallpaper

Glow Putty Digital Wallpaper

Metallic Putty Digital Wallpaper

Magnetics Thinking Putty Wallpaper

"Good as Gold"

"Glow Scatter"

"Strange Solar"

"SIlver and Gold!"

Lime Green Thinking Putty Wallpaper

Lapis Thinking Putty Wallpaper

Fox Fire and Stange Attractor Thinking Putty Wallpaper

Neon Flash Thinking Putty Wallpaper

"Lime Green"

"Locks of Lapis"


"Flash in the Sky"

Primaries Thinking Putty Wallpaper

Blue and Gold Thinking Putty Wallpaper

Oilslick Star Dust Thinking Putty Wallpaper


"Blue and Gold"

"Beautiful Blues"


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