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FREEBIES: Spring Cleaning Chore Cards

Crazy Aaron's FREE Spring Cleaning Chore Cards


It's that time of year again. The days are getting longer and so are your to-do lists. This year, incentive the kids to help with your annual spring cleaning using Crazy Aaron's Chore Cards!

Inspired by common chores like mowing the lawn, washing dishes or doing the laundry, these cards pair perfectly with the MINI 2019 Spring Thinking Putty Trio or any MINI Thinking Putty you know your kids will love. It's a great way to reward them for completing a new task or doing a chore they typically dislike. Bonus: Thinking Putty is virtually mess-free so there won't be anything to clean up when they're done playing. It's almost like they're completing two chores in one.

The instructions are so easy, and the results so undeniably good, it's hard to believe these cards are FREE.



  Download Crazy Aaron's Spring Chore Cards
  Paper of your choice - We recommend card stock weight
  Tape or Hot glue
  Color Printer & Ink


Free Crazy Aaron's Spring Chore Cards



  Grab your MINI 2019 Spring Thinking Putty Trio

  Download & print your FREE Crazy Aaron's Spring Chore Cards
  Cut each card out to create individual chore rewards
 Cut out the black circle & insert the tin into the opening


  Place a tape ring or hot glue dot to the back of your MINI Thinking Putty tin 
 Press the tin (glue/tape side down) onto the black circular space on paper chore card
  Get cleaning!

Free Crazy Aaron's Spring Chore Cards
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