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FREEBIES: Summer Fun Cards

Free Summer Fun Thinking Putty Card Banner

As the end of the school year draws near kids begin to feel a mix of emotional highs and lows. Happy that the long summer break is just around the corner, but sad to say goodbye to some of their friends too. Help them celebrate the start of this new season and their friendships with a Summer Fun Card! 

Inspired by nostalgic tropical vacations and surf culture, these cards are a fun gift giving idea for classmates, teachers or teammates. Great for road trips and air travel,  MINI Thinking Putty only enhances the gifting experience with its portability. Bonus: Thinking Putty is virtually mess-free so there won't be anything to clean up when they're done playing (on a hard surface). 

The instructions are so easy, and the results so undeniably good, it's hard to believe these cards are FREE. Cowabunga dudes!



   MINI Thinking Putty of your choice
 Crazy Aaron's Summer Fun Cards Download
  Paper of your choice - We recommend card stock weight
  Tape or Hot glue
  Color Printer & Ink


Free Summer Fun Downloadable Cards from Crazy Aaron's




  Grab your MINI Thinking Putty

  Download & print your FREE Crazy Aaron's Summer Fun Cards

  Cut each card out to create individual summer fun gift messages
  Cut out the black circle & insert the tin into the opening


  Place a tape ring or hot glue dot to the back of your MINI Thinking Putty tin 
 Press the tin (glue/tape side down) onto the black circular space on summer fun card
  Start sharing with all your friends

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