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HOW TO: Create Shadow Photos with Putty

How-To: Create Shadow Photos with Thinking Putty

It should come as no surprise that playing with Thinking Putty® is one of our favorite pastimes at Crazy Aaron's HQ, we're constantly discovering new and exciting ways to transform putty using everyday objects and a little good-old-fashion fun.

Tasked with developing innovative play ideas for both our Glow in the Dark and Phantom Thinking Putty we quickly came up with a go-to trick we know you'll love - Shadow Photos! The supply list is short and the directions are easy - all you'll need is a dark room and a lot of imagination.





 Glow Thinking Putty

 Everyday objects from home (Hint: flat objects work better)

 Flashlight or Glow Gharger

 Download the Step-by-Step Guide

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