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HOW TO: Fool Friends With Clear Putty

How-To: Fool Your Friends with Clear Thinking Putty

We love to have fun at Puttyworld®. Whether it's creating jaw-dropping illusions or pulling small pranks, everyone loves to laugh. Our next trick is designed to inspire creativity as well as trick your friends into thinking Liquid Glass® is an accidental spill. This trick is super easy to recreate, all you need is Liquid Glass Thinking Putty and a glass!

Take half of your Liquid Glass Thinking Putty, set out on a clean surface and wait for it to melt. 

Place drinking glass on its side, next to the pool of Thinking Putty.

Using the other half of your putty, make ice cubes.

Place ice cues around glass and wait for someone to trick!


Call an unsuspecting friend or family member over and see if they'll fall for the trick!

Liquid Glass Putty Effect

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