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HOW TO: Make a Color Changing Cheshire Cat

How To: Make a Glowing Cheshire Cat

We're embracing our mischievous side with a new how-to! Inspired by a favorite childhood book, Alice in Wonderland, we decided to use Phantom Thinking Putty® to create a glow in the dark Cheshire Cat that changes colors from sunlight to darkness, before it mysteriously fades into the night.

This freebie is only possible thanks to Crazy Aaron's unique formulation of Phantom Thinking Putty. Each Phantom glows one distinct color in sunlight and transforms to a new color when the lights go out. Learn how to make your on glowing Cheshire Cat below.



  The Phantom Thinking Putty of your choice
  FREE Cheshire Cat cut-out
  Scissors and/or x-acto knife
  Glow Charger® (included with purchase of Phantom Thinking Putty)
  Dark room or room you can easily turn the lights off in




  Download & print your Cheshire Cat freebie.
  Carefully cut around the cat's body, using dotted lines on the activity sheet
 Place the cut-out cat shape on flattened Phantom Thinking Putty
  Use the included Glow Charger® and trace along the Cheshire Cat shape, focusing the light on the negative spaces within the cat body
  Remove the stencil to reveal your Cheshire Cat in the daylight, noticing the color
  Turn off the lights to reveal a glowing Cheshire Cat in a brand new hue
  Watch as your cat fades into the darkness and then do it all over again
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