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HOW TO: Make a Putty Jack-o-lantern

How To Thinking Putty Make a Jack-o-lantern

A ghoulishly good DIY for any Halloween fanatic. Learn how-to make your own glowing jack-o-lanterns using a free downloadable pumpkin stencil and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty®. It's frightfully fun! Share your jack-o-lantern creations on Instagram by tagging @ThinkingPutty.



  Jack-o-Lantern Thinking Putty (or any Glow Thinking Putty)
  FREE jack-o-lantern stencils
  Scissors and/or exacto knife
  Glow Charger® (included with purchase of Jack-o-Lantern Thinking Putty)
  Dark room or room you can easily turn the lights off in



  Download the jack-o-lantern stencils.
  Pick your favorite pumpkin face & cut it out (Kids, be sure to ask your parents for help!).
  Grab your glow-in-the-dark Thinking Putty.
  Roll putty into a ball & flatten into a pumpkin shaped disk.
  Place your chosen stencil on top of the flattened Thinking Putty.
  Get your Glow Charger® and turn off the lights.
  "Charge" the putty to light it up.
  Quickly remove the stencil to reveal the ghostly glowing face!


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