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HOW TO: Make A Magnetic Winter Wreath

How-To: Make a Magnetic Holiday Wreath

Things tend to get a little out of hand around the holidays at Puttyworld. We fill our world with tinsel and lights, perfect presents and Christmas trees. Exactly what you would expect from a toy company, especially one with a love of creating unique holiday Thinking Putty colors each and every year. This year was no exception, Crazy Aaron really out did himself when he introduced North Pole Magnetic Thinking Putty!

Our true magnetic Thinking Putty has the power to transform a simple shape into a dancing snake, a magnet eating monster, and now one of the most iconic holiday forms - The Holiday Wreath! Learn how-to make your own magnetic holiday wreath with our limited-edition North Pole Thinking Putty.




 Ribbon in the color of your choice (we picked a festive red)
  Crazy Aaron's Magnet (included with purchase of any Magnetic Thinking Putty)
  Cellphone with time-lapse capabilities



  Grab your North Pole Thinking Putty
  Roll the Thinking Putty into a tube and form a circle just large enough to fit the magnet in the middle
  Pinch the Thinking Putty all around the circle to form the boughs of the wreath
 Make a bow out of your ribbon and place it at the top-center of the wreath 
  Charge your Thinking Putty by running the Crazy Aaron's magnet just over the edges of the wreath
  Replace the magnet in the center and watch as your wreath come alive!
  Use the time-lapse feature on your phone to record the movement as your wreath pulls itself onto the central magnet.
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