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HOW TO: Make Thinking Putty Dance

How-To: Make Thinking Putty Dance


We've been known to host a dance party or two at Puttyworld HQ and that extends beyond our fun-loving employees! Every time we turn around it seems Magnetic Thinking Putty® is surprising us with a new dance move, thanks in no small part to Crazy Aaron's genius in creating a putty that is truly magnetic.

What does it mean to be truly magnetic you ask? Essentially it means that our Magnetic Thinking Putty not only attracts, but repels magnetic objects based on their polar affinity. The rule of thumb is that when it comes to magnets (and some couples) opposites attract! But we digress...

One of our favorite Magnetic Thinking Putty dance moves is the "snake charmer." Transformed into a rattle snake, the putty sways and moves - just like a snake from a basket (see it here)! Learn how to make your own Thinking Putty snake and watch it dance with this easy to follow tutorial. Disco ball optional.



 Magnet (included with purchase)
  Download the Step-by-Step Guide or review it below




  Form your Magnetic Thinking Putty in one (1) large ball and three (3) small balls
  Roll the Thinking Putty into a long cylinder to form the snake's "body"
  Charge the magnetic effect by passing the included magnetic back and forth over the body of the snake
 Assemble the snake by adding the 3 smaller balls to its tail, making it a rattle snake
  Blast your favorite jams and move the magnet from side to side at the snake's head to watch it bob and sway, dancing to the music
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