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HOW TO: Open Thinking Putty with Ease

How-To: Open Thinking Putty Tins

Ever had trouble opening a Thinking Putty® tin? Trust us, we've all been there. The cause is simple, if the tin isn't kept horizontal and on a flat surface the putty begins to move and shift. This results in the putty sticking to the lid and sides of the tin, acting as a vacuum seal. Instead of trying to pull the lid off with all your might, use Crazy Aaron's® simple trick for a seamless open every time. Click play below.

Pro Tip: Remember that you never want to overfill your tins, especially the little ones. If you make your own Thinking Putty color with your Mixed by Me® Kit, make sure not to put too much putty in one tin. There are five tins to fill and decorate! 

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