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HOW TO: Pull Pranks With Gold Putty



We're suckers for a good gag at Puttyworld HQ and Thinking Putty has endless pranking possibilities. Learn how-to make gold coins that appear lifelike from a distance, but melt when touched. The results? Laughter inducing disgust from the pranked and bragging rights from the joker. A very satisfying way to play.

Brought to you by the same pranksters behind this office-friendly joke. DIY supply list and step-by-step directions below. Share your putty pranking videos on Instagram by tagging @ThinkingPutty.



  Toy coins, similar to shown. We bought ours at the dollar store.
  Flat surface for making coins.
  Flat surface for placing coins. We went outdoors, but a kitchen counter works too!
  Unsuspecting person to prank.




  Grab your Gelt Thinking Putty and toy coins. 
  Roll your putty into a ball to determine amount needed for each coin.
  Split the putty into 3 equal parts and roll into smaller balls.
  Flatten the balls into disks so they're slightly smaller than the circumference of the coin.
  Press the toy coins on top of putty disks to make an imprint & carefully remove.
  Place your putty in the path of who you want to prank & quickly run and hide!
  Watch their look of hilarious disgust as they try to pick-up the coins.

NOTE: Thinking Putty does return to it's original shape quickly, so be sure to time this trick so the person you want to prank is nearby, but can't see you prepare the gold coins.
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