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HOW TO: Write With Light on Thinking Putty

How-To: Write with Light on Thinking Putty

There are a few different art forms that might come to mind when you hear the phrase "light writing." First, there's the old classic: putting a manual camera on a tripod, leaving the shutter open, and writing words or fun symbols in the air with a flashlight or sparkler. Of course here at Crazy Aaron's®, we have our own form of light writing! Using our Phantom Thinking Putty® and a Glow Charger® you can create temporary messages that only appear in the dark. It is especially fun to create seasonal shapes like ghosts for Halloween or Christmas trees around the holidays.

Learn how to make your own Phantom images and writing with our easy to follow how-to below. All you'll need is Crazy Aaron's Phantom Thinking Putty, thanks to its all-in-one packaging that includes your very own UV light Glow Charger.



 Glow Charger
  Dark Room - Optional




 Grab your Phantom Thinking Putty and included Glow Charger light 
 Roll your Thinking Putty into a ball and press it onto a smooth, flat surface to form a “writing pad.” This can be any shape you desire, but we kept things simple for this introductory post
 Place your Thinking Putty lid on your flattened Phantom "writing pad" and use the Glow Charger to trace a circle of light around the tin
 Remove the lid and use the Glow Charger to write a message or create a design :) 
 Try creating your own unique drawings or messages and share them on social with #mythinkingputty and tagging @ThinkingPutty
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