Posted on by Aaron Bagley

It's Crazy Aaron's FREE Spooky Pun Cards! Inspired by our Halloween Thinking Putty tins, this SPOOKtacular activity is a funny & punny Halloween gift for friends, family and classmates. 

The instructions are scarily easy, and the results so eerily good, it's hard to believe these cards are FREE.



 MINI Halloween Thinking Putty Tins
 Download Crazy Aaron's Spooky Puns Cards
  Paper of your choice - we recommend card stock 
  Tape or hot glue
  Color printer & ink



  Grab your MINI Halloween Thinking Putty

  Download & print your FREE Crazy Aaron's Spooky Pun Cards

  Cut each card out to create individual pun cards
 Cut out the circle & insert the tin into the opening


  Place a tape ring or hot glue dot to the back of your MINI Thinking Putty tin 
 Press the tin (glue/tape side down) onto the circular space on pun card
  Get trick or treating!