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Philalympics | August 2017

We had the amazing opportunity to participate in The 2017 Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House's Philalympics. It is a great charity that enables families to stay together and remain focused on the health and well-being of their child in need. View the entire photo album!

We went into the event with the mindset of victory but after the first two events we had some doubts. The competition was fierce! The trivia portion of the event was a breeze for us. We were answering questions correctly as if we were Philadelphia and food experts but we were still out of the top three. With a standings update, we were a bit nervous that we wouldn't see the finals. However, we were washed over with a wave of motivation and energy which allowed us to capitalize on the scavenger hunt event. Every team member came together like cogs in a well-oiled machine. We put our heads together and won the event.

After the scavenger hunt, we patiently waited as the judges from the Fun Dept. tallied the points. Building suspense, the host of the event slowly announces one of the two teams in the finals. Wishing and keeping our fingers crossed, we held our breath as the host announced the first finalist. We applauded and processed the fact that we may have missed our opportunity. However the next team to be announced was, you guessed it, Crazy Aaron’s! We started jumping up and down with joy. With the finals in our sights, we quickly collected our cool and entered the arena like focused gladiators.

The finals consisted of three games. The first game was a test of accuracy and Philadelphia knowledge as we were tasked to use air cannons to knock down headshot cards of Philadelphian icons in order of age. After a few attempts, our two air archers were able to find their groove and knock down all of the cards in the correct order. Then we had to stack large cups in 3 pyramids of 3, stack back into one stack, then make a large pyramid with all of the cups, stack into one stack and then move on to the next task. The next challenge was to unveil 18 shirts with letters on them; then we had to unscramble those words to display the winning phrase. Neck and neck with our competitors, we went into overdrive and laid out all of the letter shirts. With the winning phrase in sight, we ran over to the winning confetti cannon and proclaimed victory! See photos and video below.

Thank you to everyone who sent in donations and supportive words! The Ronald Mcdonald House is an incredible institution. Please visit their site and see how you can help out families in need.

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