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Center for Executive Excellence | January 2018

Originally posted on the Center for Executive Excellence.  Read More.

Crazy Aaron Interviewed by Center for Executive Excellence


"If you ask Aaron Muderick what he does for a living, he’s likely to say, “Professional Kid”.  Muderick, a fidgety computer scientist, was constantly playing with Silly Putty while thinking at work.  One day, he borrowed some textbooks from a friend who had just completed her Ph.D. in chemistry.

He learned enough from the borrowed books to teach himself how to invent what he calls “Thinking Putty”. His company’s mission of occupying idle hands goes beyond creating cool desk toys. Muderick’s other goal is to provide employment opportunities for people living with intellectual disabilities.

In high school, he worked in a dog tag factory. He noticed that the only employees who seemed to really care about the job was a group of people with intellectual disabilities. When it came time to expand Thinking Putty from his basement, Muderick immediately thought of hiring people with physical and intellectual disabilities."

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