Play-Doh's all well and good when it comes to entertaining a toddler. But when you grow up, you need science to deliver something a bit more captivating. And what could be a better way to waste away the hours at work than with a handful of crystal clear putty that looks like liquid glass?

It captures all the fun and wonder of working in a glass factory, minus the severe burns and impossibly sweltering working conditions. For just $15 you get a decent handful of the material, which actually starts to get a little cloudy as you knead, smoosh, and play with it. But in no time it returns to its original crystal clear form.You will need to be extra careful to keep this particular putty clean, though, as even tiny specks of dirt become pretty obvious to spot. And it goes without saying that even if you're dying of thirst, you should at no point ever consume this material, no matter how thirst quenching it appears. [Vat19]