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Main Line Media News | July 2014

 A vast majority of Narberth residents might know Aaron Muderick for his position as Vice President of the Narberth Borough Council. Others might refer to him as “Crazy” Aaron, the man who left his job as a software engineer 12 years ago to pursue his dream: making and distributing putty around the world.

Now Muderick’s putty organization, Crazy Aaron’s Putty World, located in Narberth, was awarded the company with the Best Product Innovation of the Year by Learning Express Toys, their parent company, which extends over 120 locally owned toy businesses all over the country.

“I was surprised and stunned,” Aaron Muderick, founder of Crazy Aaron’s Putty World said. “I have been doing putty for a long time and I have been trying to develop a lot of cool toys that have play value and isn't something that you do for just five minutes and walk away.”

Crazy Aaron’s Putty World was just one toy vendor throughout the country that won an award out of five other categories including 2014 Toy of the Year, 2014 Vendor of the Year, Best Partner, Best Marketing Program, and Best New Vendor.

Muderick first became known for his love of putty while he was still working as a software engineer. Always having putty along with other toys on his desk to pass the time with, Muderick said that his co-workers kept taking it from him. So he kept ordering the putty and eventually learned how to make it.

Soon after, Muderick started his toy business with his wife Elizabeth on the weekends, he said, and eventually left his full time job to focus solely on expanding Crazy Aaron’s.

The Best Product Innovation Award is given to the vendor that “delivers exciting new products, outstanding packaging and pop/signage/ displays which encourage the customers to buy,” wrote Alexa Crowe, a Buyer from Learning Express Toys in an email.

She said that the way Crazy Aaron’s Putty World’s product has impacted the Learning Express Toys store and their customers, Muderick and his team were a clear choice for the award.

“[Putty] is selling tremendously. It’s ageless, it’s tactile, and you can really become addicted to it,” said Crowe. “Different ages will do different things with it. Some kids might build with it or blend colors while others might do experiments with them.” Continued...
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